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Exploring the sites, stories, and symbolism surrounding this sacred space through the lens of a Black and African diasporic experience

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Tuesday, September 26th:

  • Depart for Tel Aviv

Wednesday, September 27th •  Jerusalem

  • Introduction to Jerusalem

  • Walk through Old City (if time allows)

Thursday, September 28th • Jerusalem

  • Introduction to Jerusalem

  • Day of Larger Historical Context

  • Learn about African, Muslim, and Palestinian cultures

  • Engage with the African Palestinian Community

Friday, September 29th • Jerusalem

  • Visit Yad Vashem

  • Understanding Palestinian displacement from Jerusalem-Lifta

  • Explore Ein Karem neighborhoods

  • Open Afternoon-Jummah

  • Learn about Black Hebrews & Ethiopian Jewish Community (History & Context)

  • Enjoy Shabbat/Dinner

Saturday, September 30th •  Jerusalem

  • Learn about Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity and its connection to Jerusalem

  • Visit Jericho & Dead Sea

  • Visit Masjid Nabi Musa

Sunday, October 1st • Visit Hebron/Khalil

  • Visit the Sacred Site of Abraham

  • Attend Interfaith Church/Service at Mt Of Olives

  • Join Dar Kalima evening introduction to conference

Monday, October 2nd: City • Bethlehem

  • Visit Dar Al Kalima

  • Meet Father Metri, discuss Jesus & Empire through the lens of Palestinian Christians

  • Join Afternoon/Evening Arts Workshop at Al Kalima

Tuesday, October 3rd • Bethlehem

  • Discuss Art, Spirituality and Creative Resistance

  • Visit Banksy "Walled-Off Hotel" and tour Aida Refugee Camp

  • Join Afternoon/Evening Arts Workshop at Al Kalima

Wednesday, October 4th •  Bethlehem

  • Spend Morning Time in Bethlehem/Visits & Tours

  • Join Afternoon/Evening Arts Workshop at Al Kalima

  • Attend Culminating Public Cultural Evening Performance

Thursday, October 5th:

  • Travel to Nazareth or Galilee

  • Spend Morning in Bethlehem


Friday, October 6th •  Haifa

  • Attend Interfaith - Open Jummah

  • Visit Galilee & Nazareth & Surrounding Area

Saturday, October 7th • Haifa

  • Day of rest / visiting the city

Sunday, October 8th:

  • Depart from Tel Aviv

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