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the embrace scholarship at bayan

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The Embrace Scholarship at Bayan empowers committed members of the organization to build upon their Islamic knowledge and its understanding at a higher level of education. The scholarship supports study in a Bayan master's degree program at the Chicago Theological Seminary. Embrace scholarship recipients will be taught and trained in the skills to apply their education for communal benefit.


What is Embrace?

Embrace is a comprehensive convert care and empowerment organization that establishes social and educational spaces for Ameican Muslim converts that encourage growth, shape their Islamic identity, and help them become leaders and active members of society. Embrace does this through a variety of services and programs catered towards converts that focus on providing them a sense of growth, empowerment, equality, and community.

Full-Tuition Award

Funds are disbursed incrementally to cover full tuition for all coursework during each semester at Bayan/CTS until completion of:

  • 48 units of the 2-year MA degree (approximately $48,000)

  • 75 units of the 3-year MDiv degree (approximately $75,000)

Full-Time Versus Part-Time Enrollment

While degree-students who are enrolled part-time at Bayan will be considered for this scholarship program, students who are enrolled on a full-time basis will be given preference both in terms of initial and on-going eligibility, 

Initial Eligibility

  • Student has been granted admission to Bayan's MA or MDiv. degree program at Chicago Theological Seminary

  • Student is a citizen/legal resident of the United States of America

  • Student is affiliated with the Embrace Membership Program

Application Requirements

  • Academic merit (entering cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above*) 

  • Personal vision statement (500 words)

  • Professional growth plan (500 words)

  • Résumé (upload as attachment)

  • 1 letter of endorsement from Embrace (upload as attachment)

  • 1 letter of recommendation of applicant’s choice (upload as attachment)

Deadline to Apply for Admission and Scholarship Consideration 

  • For Summer term start: April 1

  • For Fall term start: July 1

  • For Spring term start: December 1

Maintaining Eligibility 

  • Maintain continuous enrollment (per school’s policies)

  • Maintain 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA

  • Maintain affiliation with the Embrace Membership Program throughout the scholarship period

*  Each applicant is evaluated based on overall qualifications and extenuating circumstances may be taken into consideration. In general, a Bachelor’s degree is required for admission, but an exemption may be granted in certain cases.

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