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the preservers scholarship at bayan

What is the Preservers Scholarship?

The Preservers Scholarship at Bayan offers an opportunity for the Preservers of the Qur’an to expand and implement their sacred knowledge in service of its divine mission. This scholarship supports these esteemed individuals by equipping them with the Islamic and interdisciplinary knowledge needed to contextualize and apply the Qur’anic message within their communities, fostering holistic insights and impactful leadership that is built upon the timeless wisdom of revelation.


The Preservers Scholarship is for men and women who have memorized the Qur'an in its entirety (huffaz, or preservers) and at are teaching it to the next generation of Muslim Americans.  The Prophet (S) said, "The best of you are those who learn the Qur'an and tech it." [Bukhari]. The process of learning involves memorizing the ancient, miraculous, preserved, and divine Word of God, a book of 600 pages.  It also includes a vast array of complex sciences from phonetics and elocution to hermeneutics and calligraphy, as well as regular review and performance in the prayers.


Preservation of the Qur'an consists not only the words of the holy book but also its meanings.  In each of these, a rigorous method of certification is required such that each Preserver is attached via unbroken links into a chain that connects them to the Prophet himself, continuing to emanate in the same fashion that it did when he recited it fourteen millennia ago as it was revealed to him by Allah.   



The preservers of today uphold this sacred duty of safeguarding the Word of Allah for generations to come, and Allah is the ultimate Protector.  Bayan is committed to providing these preservers with Islamic and interdisciplinary knowledge, along with skills to make a significant impact to pass on the faith..

Full-Tuition Award

Funds are disbursed incrementally to cover 80% of tuition for all coursework during each semester at Bayan/CTS until completion of:

  • 48 units of the 2-year MA degree (approximately $48,000)

  • 75 units of the 3-year MDiv degree (approximately $75,000)

Full-Time Versus Part-Time Enrollment

While degree-students who are enrolled part-time at Bayan will be considered for this scholarship program, students who are enrolled on a full-time basis will be given preference both in terms of initial and on-going eligibility, 

Initial Eligibility

  • Student has been granted admission to Bayan's MA or MDiv. degree program at Chicago Theological Seminary

  • Student is a citizen/legal resident of the United States of America

  • Student is a full-time Qur'an teacher, in terms of memorization and/or recitation

Scholarship Application Requirements

  • Academic merit (entering cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above*) 

  • Personal vision statement with emphasis on significant leadership and/or scholarly engagements in the community (750 words)

  • Professional growth plan (500 words)

  • Résumé (upload as attachment)

  • 1 letter of endorsement from a community leader (upload as attachment)

  • 1 letter of recommendation of applicant’s choice (upload as attachment)

Deadline to Apply for Admission and Scholarship Consideration 

  • For Fall term start: June 15

  • For Spring term start: November 15

  • For Summer term start: March 15

Maintaining Eligibility 

  • Maintain continuous enrollment (per school’s policies)

  • Maintain 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA

  • Continue role in teaching Qur'an on a full-time basis

*  Each applicant is evaluated based on overall qualifications and extenuating circumstances may be taken into consideration. In general, a Bachelor’s degree is required for admission, but an exemption may be granted in certain cases.

  • How can I apply for the scholarship?
    Interested individuals should start an application for admission to Bayan. In the application form, any applicant who meets the eligibility criteria (including membership in Embrace) can indicate they are interested in the scholarship. After completing the admissions application, Bayan staff will send a follow-up email with a link to complete the Embrace scholarship application, which is a separate application.
  • Where can I find additional information on the Bayan admissions process?
    Please click here for our Admissions site.
  • What is the Embrace Membership Program?
    The Embrace Membership program is a leadership building initiative for interested parties who are committed to the Embrace mission and vision to get more involved with the organization. Embrace members take various leadership roles and responsibilities within the organization to assist with its further growth and development. For more information, email Embrace at
  • When can an Embrace member be eligible to apply for the scholarship?
    A member must have completed at least 1 year of active membership. Active means that the member must be actively engaged in Embrace’s programs and activities and maintain their responsibilities as an Embrace member. Members in name only will not receive an endorsement letter from Embrace for scholarship consideration.
  • Can the scholarship be used to cover tuition at any institution?
    The Embrace Scholarship at Bayan is awarded only to students admitted to study in a Bayan master's degree program at the Chicago Theological Seminary. The award cannot be disbursed for study at any other institution.
  • Why is Embrace and Bayan offering this scholarship opportunity?
    Both Embrace and Bayan are committed to creating leadership from the American Muslim community to help properly shape the role of Islam in America. American Muslim converts play a key role in shaping the American Islamic identity, and being fully integrated in American culture. Embrace’s focus is building that leadership from the American Muslim convert communtiy while Bayan can provide the skills and education necessary to bring growing American Muslim leaders to the next level of spriritual and community leadership.
  • Who is funding this scholarship?
    Members of the Muslim community nationwide who believe in the mission of Embrace and would like to support leadership development among converts so that their voice, experience and knowledge can benefit the further development of the American Muslim landscape.
  • What is the benefit of going through Bayan’s degree program?
    Earning an accredited Master’s degree can help demonstrate that a person has made a significant commitment to acquiring knowledge and skills relevant to leadership, scholarship, spiritual care and other services that can assist communities in positive faith formation and contribution to society at large. It also indicates that the student has engaged peers and faculty in a structured manner that reflects high standards of accomplishment. The graduate credential builds an individual's capacity to seek gainful employment in a variety of professions and contexts.
  • How do you determine if someone is a convert?
    We honor each individual's self-identification. If someone indicates they have at some point in their llfe embraced the faith of Islam and now consider themselves to be Muslim, they may consider applying for the scholarship, if other criteria are met. In particular, applicants should have a prior connection with ICNA's Embrace program in order to become eligible for the scholarship.
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